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Guide for Guests

This podcast is all about educating businesses on XR and spatial technologies, and exposing listeners to a diverse range of use cases that are possible with them. We strive to make every episode stand out – not just for the sake of our podcast, but so that you’ll stand out with our listeners. Following these tips will help ensure a great episode.

Preparing for Your Interview

What Makes a Great Episode 

To best prepare for Alan’s questions, come to the interview mindful of the following:
  • The general nature of your service, innovation, product, or project – what does it do? How does it work?
  • How you measure success – key performance indicators, studies, metrics, costs, analytics.
  • Challenges you face in implementing your service or product.
  • How your service or product stands out from the rest; the ways in which it is unique and innovative.
  • The benefits of your service or product; economical, social, educational, etc.
  • Your overall thoughts on the XR industry.
Feel free to notify Alan of any interesting stories, clips, demos, etc before recording starts that you might want to feature that would make for an interesting listening experience.

Podcast Recording Best Practices

  • Please mute your microphone when you’re not speaking. This reduces chances of background noise and distortion.
  • Mute your phone, alarms, chimes, reminders, etc. while recording.
  • Don’t eat or fidget with desk toys while recording. The noise they make can ruin an episode for your listeners.
  • We strongly recommend using a desktop microphone or wired headset. If you do have to use Airpods or other Bluetooth headphones, try setting your AirPods as the default device in your computer’s sound settings before the interview. Our podcast recording platform will select them automatically when the interview starts. 
  • Relax! You’ll sound more natural and all-around better.

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