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XR is changing how we do business.

 The hype cycle is over. Now things are getting interesting. Computer vision and virtual/augmented/mixed reality technologies are the next human communication medium that will unlock $1 trillion in value over the next 5 years – with massive implications for global enterprise. Are you ready for the revolution?

From the people designing the next generation of cars to transforming healthcare, XR for Business goes behind the scenes with the leaders who are transforming yesterday’s prototypes into scalable solutions for some of the world’s biggest challenges. Join XR entrepreneur and futurist Alan Smithson every week for a glimpse of the future.

About Us

Alan Smithson

Alan Smithson

Alan is the CEO of MetaVRse, a global leader in virtual, augmented and mixed reality (XR). He's also an independent global advisor on the business of XR to some of the world's largest companies, chief investment advisors, and ultra-high net-worth family offices. Alan is also a founding member of the VR/AR Association, a member of the IEEE Mixed Reality Ethics Committee and the SXSW Pitch Advisory Board for XR, a TEDx speaker, and a judge for the global Auggie Awards.
Julie Smithson

Julie Smithson

Julie leads the MetaVRse team operationally through technical development and execution using augmented and virtual reality technologies – bringing evolutionary products and experiences first to market. She serves on several VRARA committees, including co-chairing the 5G and Education committees, mentoring the Student Committee and serving as Toronto chapter co-President. Julie and Alan live in Toronto with their daughter Abi, inventor of The Love Sandal.
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